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April 28, 2008


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On Saturday morning we went to the Mid-Town farmer’s market hosted at T’afia restaurant, where chef Monica Pope brings local Texas food to the table. Only local. No toms from Chile or China. This means a menu that depends on the sunshine of the day before. It’s my favorite place in the city. You can find your local farmers market (or markets, if you’re lucky) at Urban Harvest. It’s a great resource for CSAs and the like. I recently wrote a piece about Spring eating for findingDulcinea. I mention Monica Pope in the feature, and an interview with her is soon to be published on the site as well.

(the “Urban Farmer”)

We ate at home on Saturday night and had to supplement our local veggie selection with some store-bought peppers from Mexico, and some bacon from a far away hog farm. Otherwise, the venison we grilled was killed here in Texas (by a sharp-shooting guest), the carrots were from the self-proclaimed urban farmer pictured above –who also happens to be the purveyor of the strawberries I love so well–and the Portobellos, tomatoes and lettuce for the salad all came from Mid-town.

It was a grand evening, if slightly barbaric for the leftover sausages and venison shanks that are making my fridge smell like the ice box in “Little House on the Prairie.”

Learn more about how to dress your table with sustainable eats from findingDulcinea’s Web Guide to Socially Responsible Food. It’s chock full of good resources, no matter where you reside, or what food rules you wish to abide. By.

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