perfect chocolate chip cookies

May 28, 2008


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Yesterday evening my sister and I went to the Mexican restaurant I mentioned in my Memorial Day posting. We had a good time. We drove there, but took a cab home.

Between stumbling up the steps of my house and stumbling into bed, we checked the fridge for more food—because that' s the best thing to do when you get home stuffed so full of melted cheese and guacamole you' re like a living enchilada. There wasn' t much to our liking: at the forefront were a box of oatmeal cookies, (which are so hard and stale they would better serve as ammo than sustenance) a pint of plain yogurt and a jar of black olives. None of the sweet tooth satisfaction we were hoping for.

So at 10:20pm we rode shank' s mare to the local grocer. We could have bought a tub of cookie dough ice cream, but that would have been too simple for our intended revelry. In fact, by the time we arrived home with the goods, our slurring had abated and we were fully conscious of the task at hand.

Stumbling into bed would be delayed a while. Our baking started circa 11pm—an hour I frequently spend over the oven. It' s fun to cook late at night, especially when you get to fall asleep engulfed by chocolate chip cookie fumes. But do remember to brush your teeth: lines of melted chocolate between each pearly white can be a pretty grotesque a.m. vision.

This was the best batch of our lives. Or maybe we were just extra receptive.

Here' s how we did it:

*2 ¼ c flour, 1 tsp baking soda, ½ tsp salt all mixed together*in a separate, large bowl…1c (1 stick) salted butter, 1c white sugar, 1c packed dark brown sugar mixed into as creamy a crumbly heap as possible sans electric mixer*2 eggs and 2tbs vanilla*after the sugar and butter combo is as smooth as you can make it, mix the eggs and vanilla in, separately, one egg and 1tbsp vanilla at a time. This will render very creamy sugar butter batter. Try not to eat too much of this before the next step.*Add in white mixture in 4 parts so it can integrate properly.* Dump bag of GHIRARDELLI chocolates in.*Mix*Grease baking sheets, and put them on in little balls… smooth the balls with your hands for especially round cookies.*Watch them bake at 375… Usually around 8-10 minutes.

I find that the best cookies, those with the crispest edges and a chewiest center, result from properly greasing the cookie sheet (even if it' s non-stick, since the oil makes the edges crunchy) and using relatively large balls of dough. The weight of the dough in the center of a wide-spreading cookie will cause it to collapse and render it chewy without being meaty, thick or dry.

These really are perfect: and easy enough for a girl several margaritas deep to bake.

Also an excellent cure for a hangover. NB if you' re going to have these cookies for breakfast, be sure to keep fresh milk on hand. This is the morning meal you fantasized about as a little kid. For help finding worthwhile baking recipes, visit Baking: More Than A Baker’s Dozen Web Sites to Help You in the Kitchen.

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  1. By Veronica on May 30, 2008 | Reply

    Oh my God! Finally a chocolate chip cookies recipe that works!! I will try it and let you know!! Love your blog!!! I am having so fun going through it!

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