Pasta With Spaghetti Squash and Vodka Sauce

October 30, 2008


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My friend Molly has a talent for great food in a flash: Rachel Ray would benefit from a lesson over this gal' s stove. Even though I' ve never had any of Ray-Ray' s reportedly YUMO stoup, I would be totally un-inclined to visit her home for thirty minutes of meal preparation. All that chatter would drive my appetite away, no question. But as I was watching Molly whip up some pasta with vodka sauce, grilled chicken and spaghetti squash on Monday night, I was quite taken by the neatness and calmness in her kitchen. I can' t even make a bowl of cereal without dirtying at least a dozen dishes. All Molly did was grill some chicken outside (actually, her husband Phil did that), mix some butter, cream, canned tomatoes and hot chili flakes together in a warm saucepan and boil some brown rice pasta. She also baked up a spaghetti squash for garnish and set aside a salad with candied pecans, crumbled goat cheese, sliced apple and spinach. She put out separate bowls for pasta, squash, sauce and chicken so that each person could get his or her own ratio of noodles-to- veggies-to- sauce-to- protein. The meal was so delicious, I had thirds. And when it was all over, I realized that Molly never once displayed an inkling of stress… nor did she have dirty fingernails like the Food Network' s queen of quick eating. Delish!

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