Potluck Thanksgiving

December 3, 2008


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pb220585It' s hard to write when you' re stuffing yourself—or a turkey for that matter. I' ve been something of a blogging delinquent over Thanksgiving. I’m likely the only person with a food blog who didn' t post a slew of turkey-day recipes. Well anyway, they' ll serve me fine next year in the archive. I had not one, not two, but three Thanksgiving celebrations to pb220578attend, including a trip out of town and guests for a weekend—trying to get my work done and gobble leftovers in the interim was quite a task and left me little room for musing on the process. Now that it’s December I feel that I' ve finally begun to digest all of hoopla. pb220580Every holiday event I attended was completely unique and delightful. I must say, though, that the potluck Thanksgiving was a great treat—if only because I had some hand in it. Molly, the hostess, made the bird, stuffing and pb220574mashed potatoes, while guests brought the side dishes and desserts. In an effort to push fruits and veggies, I made spinach gratin, sweet potatoes with caramelized apples, cranberry chutney with walnuts and cornbread with maple pb220568syrup and buttermilk. I thought I wouldn' t touch another turkey until next November, but thinking about this meal is making my stomach rumble. Is 9am too early for a leftover sandwich?


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