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July 1, 2009


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Home, home, home I go, in time for the fourth of July. Checkered tablecloths on wooden picnic benches! Golden, sweet, salty corn, sputtering and exploding in kernels betwixt my teeth! Blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream! Fireworks over the dock! My dog jumps into the patterned water! Oh, high-stepping I shall be when I waltz from the airplane platform tomorrow at 3:16 pm and declare myself home. I’ll wear my favorite rainbow shoes and run off the dock at dusk, drink in hand. HOME–is where I want to be. (!)


I came to Texas almost two years ago—with Christopher, for the light in his eyes. Mostly it inspires me, sometimes it tires me, but always, no matter what, I dream of home. I grew up in such a wonderful way, I can hardly believe it: in a New England farmhouse on a wooded hill, no television, no neighbors, just me, my younger sister, the creek, the trees and the happy dog, Pippy—may she rest in peace.


The seasons were penetrating, way out there, away from everybody—especially the summertime, with the smell of wild roses and the heavy, quiet leaves, and the cool, wet plunges into Lake Waramaug, imagining myself a fish. I' m lying. I imagined myself a mermaid, even if the water was murky and brown.

So tomorrow home I go again—and I' m taking the new(er) dog with me. We' ll swim, we' ll berry pick, (you should see Lupe berry pick…she' s incredibly talented, even without thumbs…) we' ll make a lattice-top pie and get tipsy on a canoe, licking our lips. Before we set out, I' ll lift my family' s spirits with this wonderful cocktail my dear Christopher has turned me onto. He may not have invented it, but it' s his in my mind.


My fingers are crossed that he' ll find a last-minute flight out for the weekend, but if he can' t I' m prepared to do the honors. In the meantime, for practice, let me reiterate the simple recipe in hopes that you will find yourself with one, tingling and refreshed. It’s just a bit sweet, just a touch bitter, but definitely the most cheerful summer cocktail I' ve ever tasted. It' s so light and dignified, you could drink it with breakfast. Oh, the thrill of Independence Day. Oh summer, oh home, did I find you or you find me?

The Campari Greyhound

Serves 4, theoretically.

4 oz chilled local vodka (if you can—otherwise, try Kettle One)
4 oz Campari (probably not a local ingredient for you)
8 oz grapefruit juice (preferably fresh-squeezed)
4 sprigs grapefruit zest for garnish
2 c ice

Shake ingredients (reserving zest) and distribute evenly into highball glasses.
Garnish with zest and serve immediately.

Hi Yo! Sing into my mouth.

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