Chicken Salad with Herbs and Vegetables

October 10, 2010


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I just finished licking all ten of my fingers and am feeling like Sir Kay from The Sword and the Stone. For some reason, one of my most vivid childhood memories involves watching him take down a drumstick in a single lippy bite… and wincing in embarrassed self-recognition. I may have been disgusted then, but now I find comfort in not having changed much. I may prefer eating my chicken with a fork, but the greediness of Sir Kay is very much alive and well inside of me, whenever we slide our Sunday roast from its sizzling, hot perch.

Tomorrow, I will make one of my favorite forms of chicken salad–the kind that doesn’t leave you with an unctuous film at the corners of your lips. I would be a damn liar if I claimed not to like mayonnaise, but this has none, and that makes it easier to pack for lunch. It’s so simple, even a law student can blog about it, which generally means it’s quick to make. I tend to spend more prose on the recipes that involve a lot of steps, if only because I like to keep my cooking and writing efforts somewhat commensurate.

So for those of you with big weeks ahead, here’s to a bird that will keep you sated for at least a few lunches. Sunday supper rolling into healthy Monday lunch–and all you have to do is supply the vegetables, the fork and the appetite. And please don’t let this post implant in you any identification with a grotesque and greedy cartoon man, although I will say that if it were possible to down a drumstick in one fell swoop, I’d be all about it.


Chicken Salad with Herbs and Vegetables

Makes 4 servings

Leftover meat from a 4-5 lb chicken (about 1 lb), shredded

2 T olive oil

2 t lemon juice

1 t dijon mustard

1/2 c chopped parsley

2 scallions, diced

1 c cherry tomatoes, quartered

2 celery ribs, diced

1/2 bell pepper, diced

1/4 medium red onion, diced

salt and pepper


In a large bowl, whisk olive oil, lemon juice and dijon mustard.

Add chicken and toss to coat–you may not need all the dressing. Then again, you may want more.

Add chopped herbs and vegetables and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper.

This recipe tastes best if left to marinate over night–toss again before serving to distribute dressing.

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