Late Fall, Vermont.

November 13, 2011


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Thank God I am still in Vermont! It gets better and better, if a bit colder. We had dinner recently, with new friends who have lived here a while, and the gentleman said he didn’t mind the cold because the sky tends to stay blue. That’s been true. In the morning, though, it’s often pink.


Lupe and I walk past a house with so many apples, that they fall and cluster in a stream. I imagine that the water is probably sweet. She’ll run over and taste it, but I have not. Since this picture was taken, the apples have frozen and floated away. We had a cold spell last week.


Often, I walk or run with Lupe in the woods after school. Now I have to go at 2pm, because it starts to get dark by 3:30! I like being outside, because, even though the tree tops are gray, their colors are still around. Like confetti, underfoot.


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