Hi. I’m Isabel, I cook and scribble. I make a lot of food and do a lot of writing, and Bread & Courage is what I have to show for it. It started as a simple food blog called TASTE but evolved into something more—a place where I express my love of food, community and the environment. Thanks for spending some time here—and be in touch!



When you grow up in an old New England farmhouse with no neighbors and no television, you spend a lot of time exploring the great outdoors. Virtually all of my childhood afternoons were passed in the acres of woods and fields that spread behind my house. One of my favorite activities was clearing wet leaves from our backyard brook with a stick—I really believed that if I didn’t do it, the Atlantic might dry up.

Inevitably, the bubble burst: high school and college in a big city left me pondering French nihilism in lieu of American transcendentalism. But when finally the term papers were written and the degrees were granted, I couldn’t help but get back to my roots.

I have been working as an environmental journalist since June of 2008, when I began blogging for the Green section of the Huffington Post. Since then I have also become a board member with Legacy Land Trust, an organization that has preserved thousands of acres of Texas wilderness.

More often than not, I feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done to save our planet—from conservation to slowing the devastation of global warming. I have found it extremely satisfying to work for both Urban Harvest and Recipe for Success, two Houston-based non-profits that bringing organic gardening and cooking to local public schools. I believe that how we eat and how we teach children to eat are immediate, applicable ways we can make a difference to our environment.

I hope the information you find on Bread & Courage will inspire and encourage you to make a difference in your own home.

Flatbread with Spring Vegetables

Flatbread with Spring Vegetables

May 25, 2009

Yesterday, when nostalgia and appetite hit hardest, (they generally come as a pair) I used my bounty for a flatbread medley. It wasn' t half bad.

What Alice Waters is Missing

Mar 25, 2009

Originally published on the Huffington Post. For decades, Alice Waters has commanded attention for her love of the freshest, most local food. Last week, her crusade was the focal point of national attention, as Michelle Obama finally agreed to plant an extensive vegetable garden at the White House. If Ms. Waters is serious about changing […]

Farm-To-School Programs: Growing a Healthier America

Farm-To-School Programs: Growing a Healthier America

Oct 16, 2008

Read the full post at Huffington. Food needs a piece of that seven billion dollar pie. For fortunate Americans, food is as much a source of entertainment as it is nourishment. Yet despite the lore of culinary shows and specialty markets, there remains a deep, gastronomical divide: some demographics have trouble finding or affording basic […]

Sustainable Lessons from the Vineyard

Aug 22, 2008

Another risk of global warming: befuddlement before the wine list. It’s taken you years to sort through the distinctions between Argentine, Italian and Californian wines. You feel like you might finally be ready to hold court against the combative advice of the French sommelier. You thought you knew what vintages to trust, what terroirs would […]

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