Hi. I’m Isabel, I cook and scribble. I make a lot of food and do a lot of writing, and Bread & Courage is what I have to show for it. It started as a simple food blog called TASTE but evolved into something more—a place where I express my love of food, community and the environment. Thanks for spending some time here—and be in touch!



Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

Nov 06, 2010

I’m in St. Louis today, wishing I could stay here for three weeks. My mama-in-law is ready for Thanksgiving: there are lots of little china pilgrims and turkeys and American Indians sitting quietly together on windowsills and bookshelves. It’s almost enough to gloss over the bloody battles and trails of tears. I try not to […]

Potato Skins

Potato Skins

Oct 22, 2008

I made a lot of these. An entire 10-pound bag' s worth. And here is what I learned—if you' re going to make potato skins, be sure to do it the day before making mashed potatoes. The innards are cheap, but it' s always a sad sight to waste food. I must have thrown away […]

Gorgonzola Honey Bruschetta and Giada de Laurentiis'  Boobs

Gorgonzola Honey Bruschetta and Giada de Laurentiis' Boobs

Oct 01, 2008

I copied this recipe from a certain someone whose breasts I find extremely distracting. I was lucky to pay attention enough during her show to recall the essential details of this extremely basic dish, which involves just 5 steps: cutting a baguette, sprinkling it with olive oil, laying down gorgonzola cheese, drizzling it with honey […]

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