Prosciutto Sandwich With Parmesan and Olive Tapenade

November 5, 2008


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pb020407Someday, I will become a professional sandwichmaker. Until then, I will continue experimenting with combinations—a variety of cheeses, herbs, spreads, temperatures, meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, you name-its. On Sunday, while stewing over my bubbling pot of vegetarian split pea soup, I considered what ham-based side dish I could make to accent the vegetarian soup. I decided on delicious, thin, salty strips of prosciutto on top of a soft demi-baguette. To complement the savory and smoky taste, I opted for a sharp parmesan and added a bit of olive spread. I served this one open-faced so as to heap even more meat and cheese onto each slice.


Assembly went a little something like this:

Sprinkle olive oil on each half of a sliced baguette; lay thinly pb020402sliced parmesan cheese on top to cover; toast until edges of bread are brown and cheese has melted; spread olive tapenade onto the cheese with the back of a large spoon (gentler and easy to maneuver than the straight blade of a pb020404butter knife); heap with slices of prosciutto and serve hot and preferably with a big bowl of soup… Try split pea. It worked for me.

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